Find Out What Skills and Hobbies You Can Turn Into Profitable Retirement Projects

What Are Profitable Retirement Projects?

These are opportunities that retirees can explore so they can have more fun, fulfilling, and profitable retirement lifestyle. It’s all about harnessing your current skills, passions, retirement hobbies that make money and understanding your circumstances to start a project, side gig, small business, or venture that will keep you active and supplement your pension. The profitable projects are enabled by the on-demand sharing economy. This is a concept that highlights the ability and the preference of individuals to provide peer to peer service, to rent or borrow goods or services and not necessarily buy and own them.
Projects created to enjoy, to learn and to earn.


63, Australia

My project is making passive income from my unused tools and hardware that I rent out through online platforms.


67, United Kingdom

My profitable and enjoyable project is homemade juice making for the local people and grocery shops. I am now making an ongoing profit from this.


66, Australia

My brave but fun project is selling my used and new goods on Facebook marketplace. I learned new skills and started making profit now.

Examples of profitable retirement projects we connect you to

Understanding Profitable Projects

What It is

Have more flexibility and freedom in your work

Passion for what you do

Utilizes your current skills and hobbies

Ownership over your project work, output, and success

Fun, fulfilling, and profitable

What It's Not

Get-rich-quick schemes

Filled with scams designed to rip you off

Boring and mind-numbing work

All done and earned for you

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Benefits of taking advantage of profitable retirement projects

We connect you to our reputable partners who provide personalised, profitable projects.

Earn extra income to supplement your retirement pension with ease.

Conduct work on your projects at your leisure with flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.

Work as many or as few projects as you wish, the choice is yours.

Find the combination that works best for you, your skills and capabilities.

Try new opportunities when you need a change .

Earn passive income from home, while driving, when on holiday, when sleeping - all whilst doing what you love to do.

Tap into your hobbies, interests, skills and passions and earn real money from them.

Project opportunities are continually updated and expanded so you continue to have lots of new and fresh choices.

Flexible projects with no lock-in contracts, flexible hours in a range of various industries.

20+ categories and over 100+ credible providers that offer flexible earning opportunities, allowing for a personalised, tailor-made plan.

You have easy access to all your project match opportunities from your 4Retirees member account 24/7, with advice from experienced mentors and seniorpreneurs.

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