In our community of global retirees we all come from different backgrounds. Cultures, religions, languages, and ethnicities are varied as are different expectations and behaviours. To ensure that everyone feels welcome, we need to ensure we are mutually respectful, kind and thoughtful towards one another. We have therefore created 7 community rules that will be strictly enforced in order to ensure peace of mind and an outstanding experience on our platform 4Retirees.

Our guidelines which are defined below apply to all behaviour in the 4Retirees community. Online platform or offline social events still require the same standard of behaviour and respect. The same rules and guidelines apply to both employees and volunteers at 4Retirees. Comments and posts on 4Retirees social media must adhere to these guidelines also.

  • Your online safety is very important to us. It is extremely difficult to spot an online scammer, cyber bully or a case of identity theft. Even though they have registered a free global member and have legitimate looking member account they may still intent on pursuing activities that will not be tolerated by 4Retirees.
  • We have put in place many security measures and partnered with best companies to protect you online on our platform. However, we are unable to prevent all one to one conversations when members exhibit inappropriate behaviour in terms of verbal abuse and harassment. If 4Retirees detects inappropriate behaviour then that member shall be removed from the platform or blocked depending on whether they are a Free Global Member or Paid Member. Personal information such as your email address or phone number are kept safe here and just between you and 4Retirees. However, personal information such as your exact home address, date of birth and your bank account details are strictly confidential and we do not ask for them and we do not have them at 4Retirees. 4Retirees request that you do not share all those personal and/or sensitive information with anyone online and under no circumstances transfer money to another person online. If someone (another member) ever requests your personal information or to transfer money please report the incident immediately.
  • To combat suspicious behaviour and protect you online, there are methods and tools to help you.

    • Likability status (coming soon) – stay true to yourself and honestly review other friends/members based on your true opinion about them. This will enable other members to see how friendly, truthful and real they are.
    • Report a scammer – in your member account, you can report unacceptable, rude or suspicious behaviour. 4Retirees will contact the member to verify any claims of inappropriate conduct. This may result in removal from our platform or reporting the matter to cyber security (UK, USA, and AU). You the user are subject to the same investigation and punishment if you are reported and found guilty of inappropriate conduct.
    • Cancel friendship/block  – if you decide to unfriend a member due to personal reasons or inappropriate behaviour, then neither the other person nor you will be able to send one to one messages to each other. If someone unfriends you, the same applies. Members are not obliged to provide a reason for why they unfriend someone. If you’ve been blocked, please respect that member’s right to do so.
    • Delete your account – that is definitely the last thing we want to see as we would be very sad to see you go and I am sure other friends you make would too. This is definitely a final course of action if all other attempts to prevent inappropriate behaviour have been unsuccessful or if for any other reason (security or personal) you have to delete your account and erase all the data we are here to help you. We have made this easy for you as you can delete your account yourself from your member account under the settings.
  • To get most out of the community life and have ongoing great experience you need to stay active and engaged daily.
  • Your member profile needs to be up to date so that you attract many like-minded retirees to connect with you.
  • Login to your member account every day. Post your experiences, thoughts and photos. Share recipes, hobbies passions and your stories with other global members via our groups, messages or on our community wall.
  • Look out for new friends, connect with them, accept their friend requests, talk and engage with them daily.
  • Participate in our group discussions, create new groups and take the opportunity for moderating those groups and inviting other members to participate in your discussions.
  • Suggest and create local online events and activities. Invite your new friends to join you. Or simply share an existing event that you are going to and invite others to come along.
  • We have created likability ratings for each member (coming soon). This enables you to rate your new friends, request your own ratings and build trust and likability with other members.
  • Help other retirees. If you have or know of a job or project for retirees, post the link on our social community wall within the members’ area. Sharing it with everyone is important as you never know who might be interested.
  • You and other members should always feel respected, safe and supported by one another. Be kind, caring and ensure that other members feel welcome in our community. Be also mindful and understand that other members might have different opinions to yours, they won’t always align with your thoughts, opinions or expectations, and that’s OK. It is good to have different point of views.
  • Hate Speech: All forms of hate speech, whether it is in the form of sexism, racism, attack on ethnicity or religion, homophobia, or any other similar form of attack are totally unacceptable on all our platforms (Online and Social Events).
  • Sexual Harassment: We hold the right to remove any post on our platform that violates our guidelines. Sexual harassment is not tolerated. Any comment or attack of a sexual nature will be considered as sexual harassment and the perpetrator will have to face the consequences.
  • Other Types Of Harassment: Any comment or content that is discriminatory, derogatory and includes abusive behaviour or any other form of verbal or physical harassment will not be tolerated at 4Retirees.
  • We Do Not Encourage Publication Of Personal Information: At 4Retirees we are very conscious about the security of our members. We do not encourage the public sharing of your personal information (home address, phone number or any financial or sensitive information). If you want to contact another member you should do it via private communication.
  • Copyright Breaches: We hold the right to remove any post that we feel is in violation or breach of any type of copyright.
  • Spam Posts: Any content that can be considered as spam or any content that is repetitive will be removed by our community representatives.

In our 4Retirees community we want to give you all sort of opportunities to connect. We support both online group discussions and one to one messages as well as face to face contact in events and activities. While we trust our members, we want to ensure that guidelines and rules are clearly outlined and adhered to in both group discussions and one to one chats either online or in person. Whilst 4Retirees is the facilitators of this great connection, you are the executioner and we request that all interaction is carried out with respect and integrity and in accordance with the guidelines and rules.

To help you have a good time and ensure that both yours and other members experience is a positive one, we have created a few rules, hints and tips for you:

  • Don’t Feel Offended When the Other Person Did Not Intend It: When you are communicating online, you might not understand the tone the other person is speaking in. So try to take everything positively. It is very easy to misinterpret what the other person is saying when you can’t see the non verbal cues. If you think the other person has said something offensive send them a private message so that you can discuss the matter among yourself. This will help in stopping the matter from escalating.

    In addition to this you should also try to refrain from bringing past problems (that you may have with other participants) into the public forum.

  • Speak With Maturity: You need to express yourself concisely and with clarity. Don’t disrespect other members or use sarcastic or witty comments that may be misinterpreted. Ensure that you understand what the other person is intending to say before you reply.

  • Always Show Your Pleasant Side: Try to be responsible when you are online. Unexpected comments or beliefs may surprise you; however, we recommend always staying calm and respectful.

  • Have To the Point Discussion: It is very easy to lose focus and direction during online discussions. 4Retirees advises our members to stay focused on the immediate conversation and maintain the topic as intended.

4Retirees is a community of mature adults. General guidance on rules of acceptable behaviour is typically not required.
However, certain issues can still get raised in communities like 4Retirees. To assist you in managing any issues, the following guidelines have been defined and must be adhered to when you are a part of any activity at 4Retirees.

  • If you are the organizer of an activity or an event, please remember that everyone is welcome. That includes free members, paid members and friends of members. If a non-member of 4Retirees is present then ensure that they feel welcome. Please also encourage them to sign up as a free global member of 4Retirees and become part of our community.
  • In the 4Retirees community, there are no reserved names for activities or groups. You cannot patent any event. Other members can also use the same event name for their own event. We discourage the use of exactly the same event name as it might provide confusion, however, a similar event name can be accepted.
  • Every member of the 4Retirees community is encouraged to take the FREE ONLINE PROJECT ASSESSMENT and access their results in the member account to get the most benefits out of the community. All Paid Project Members have access to the full list of profitable project matches (providers) in their member account. It is the member responsibility to sign up with the profitable project providers. Every paid member can redo the profitable project assessment at any time. It is recommended that the project assessment is repeated no sooner than every 3-6 months. To better understand what profitable projects are, how to apply and what you need to know please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions). We also encourage you to book a private mentoring package with our experienced and skilled mentors to help you get started on your project journies. 
  • 4Retirees also hires members on a volunteer and paid flexible freelance basis. Visit our community jobs page to see the latest jobs posts and apply for any that you think are suitable.
  • If you are a free global member and you have, heard of or found an online suitable job or project for retirees please post the link or information on our home community wall in the member’s account.
  • Our members have access to unique free courses that 4Retirees have selected with accredited global partners. In order to access these courses on our Learn page, you need to be logged in as a free global member.
  • 4retirees is a global community and a marketplace that connects you and recommends suitable projects and interesting courses. It is your responsibility to apply for any projects or course with our selected 3rd party partners. 4Retirees is not an employment agency or course owner we use 3rd part partners to help us provide service to you and in some cases, we might be paid small referral fees.
  • User generated content it is a real thing and exists since social media was born; as it says user generated content its content (images, videos, text and audio) created, generated, posted or commented by you online or offline. It is a great way to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with everyone.
  • In our community, we are very focused on your story. We invite you to share your content, your thoughts or short stories on our groups or community wall in the members’ area. Longer stories can be submitted via the “Write Your Stories” function in your member account. If you love blogging or writing then we encourage you to apply for community jobs at 4Retirees. You can even earn a small fee for your work.

    We always encourage healthy debate in our community. Content is always moderated by administrators so that unacceptable content can be removed. We do so to maintain our well respected community standards. Our aim is to keep the 4Retirees community free from all types of hate speech and abusive behaviour.

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